Peelable films

Our peelable films are designed to perfectly adhere to several surfaces and exert customized values of peelability, respecting the safety of the pack. Our portfolio includes a wide range of solutions, according to the bottom composition and to the required peeling strength (easy-peel or burst-peel).


Caratteristiche tecniche

X- additives, color, slipperiness
Product codePropertiesFeatures
394XPeelable by itself/by PP/by PEGeneral purpose
390XPeelable by PP onlyEva based (for top)
397XPeelable by PVC/PET/PP/PS
High tranparency
Eva based (for top)
398XPeelable by itself/by PP/by PEHigh performances
396XPeelable by itselfCoffee packaging (triplex structures)
399X/359XPeelable by PP onlyHigh heat resistance
362XHigh performances peelable by PPLLDPE based