Sealing High Performance PE & PP Films

This section reports those products identified as specialties according to their blends and performances. Very low S.I.T. products, securing the thermal delta within monomaterial framework, are included, as well as special certified productions.


Caratteristiche tecniche

X-additives, color, slipperiness
Product codePropertiesFeatures
360XVery low S.I.T. PE (from 30μ)Seal layer plastomer blending
030XVery low S.I.T. PE (up to 30μ)Sealing layer full plastomer blend
007XMonofilm HDPE/Surlyn® Burst-peelHigh performance for cereal package
072XLOW S.I.T. PPInternal layer for structures with PP/OPP (monomaterial solution)
33090Pharma approved filmAdditives free
6XX0Very high hot tackC8 based LLDPE